Information on Job Offer

Thank you very much for your interest in the information on job offer of Tanida Co., Ltd.

Tanida is a company which makes seals.
When you hear "seals," you may think of character-printed fancy seals, we think.
However, what we make are not only fancy seals.
What you see most often among the seals we produce are perhaps labels pasted on bottles and plastic containers.
Thus Tanida create "pasting" indispensable to business and life through seals and labels.

Also, we think it important to be responsible to our customers, employees and society as well as to pursue our company's profit.
We work hard and seriously for our company's philosophy, people's harmony with toughness. When an employee completes a job asked, we ask him or her to do a job at a little higher level and thus, we take care so that he or she can try to improve his or her ability. We are looking for people who join us in our profit returning and contribution
to the society as the source of  "growing up as an individual and pursuing our
organization's appropriate profit" through seal making.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

Ring us for details.
TEL: 0852-27-1333