Fancy Goods

PET Transparent Seals

These seals are from transparent material, so they fit to the place where you paste them, and you can use the background as it is.

Hologram Seals

The colors and patterns seem to change if you look at the seals from different angles. They are beautiful and expensive-looking.
Also, you can represent multiple and three-dimensional figures. We have standard types of paper, so please feel free to inquire hologram types, too.

Vivelle Seals

These are from unique material which has a soft touch. The cuteness different from that by print attracts attention by silk print, foil stamping process and pattern cutting.

Denim Seals

The material is from cloth (denim fabric).
You can print, stamp foil, and so on. You can enjoy the representations and characters using the fabric texture.

Satin Seals

The material is from acetate fabric and you can paste them directly on clothes. You can write letters such as names and dates on them with a felt pen.

*You cannot wash clothes with the seals pasted on, though.

Crepe Seals

The material has a nonsmooth texture. They go well with Japanese style and Western.

Scented Seals

You cannot make sure of the content of the products selling their scent including alcoholic drink and wine unless you open them.
However, if you make the scent into a seal and paste it on the package and so on, you can make sure of the scent of the content without opening it.

Sticking Plasters

We deliver enjoyable sticking plasters full of originality with our unlimited ideas for colors, shapes, and so on.
You can print in full colors using color photographs and so on.

Light Accumulating Seals

These accumulate the light they absorb and release (yellow green, green, blue, and so on) glow for certain time.
It is certain that they outstand in the dark.

Silk Lame Seals

The facing of the ink is thick and you feel ink when you touch them with your hand.
You can give a luxuary looking by mixing lame pieces into mainly clear ink.