Imported Goods, Miscellaneous Goods & Character Seals

Import & Wholesale of Fancy Goods, Stationery, Novelty Goods & Miscellaneous Goods

Tanida Co., Ltd. orders goods production for you.
From our long business experience, we suggest the most appropriate goods producer which suits your needs.
We order domestic companies, of course, and foreign ones, too.

Melody Cards, Voice Message Cards & LED Related Production & Wholesale

We produce voice message cards which make voices and sounds, various recording and replay, and LED related greeting cards and key holders according to your needs.
You can use the type with which you can record and replay fresh voice directly, the one with which you can record your favorite voices and sounds and replay them repeatedly, the one on which an LED lamp twinkles at the same time as it makes sounds, and so on extensively for gifts, advertisement, etc.

Character Seals

We have the material which can respond flexibly to the world boom changing quickly.
You can choose the material which suits various uses among Japanese paper, Vivelle, transparent, hologram, flexible PVC, and so on, and you will have pleasant seals.